Embedding Level 3 City/Town Images

Embedded image files are copied to the reference image folder (c:\ctracer\Meteror Crater\).

Start Chartracer and select the image (Meteor Crater).  Click on the image to zoom in.

When on level 2 the next click does not zoom (unless a previously embedded image is clicked on)

 but the program is now set at level 3.

1. Click "calibrate" to expose the calibration window"

2. Click on "get city/town refs" to scroll through the embedded level 3 reference file (citow.cht).

3. Click on the image folder text box to expose  "put city/town refs" when edits or records are  to be added.

4. Clicking  "put city/town refs" would add a record (3) for the image newpla.BMP.